Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is both science and art. As a RD, I practice evidence-based guidelines using current data and high quality studies. 

Add in the human element, however, and it becomes something more fluid. 

What It Is / What to Expect

First, to provide the best care, I perform an Initial Nutrition Assessment:

  • Review your medical history

    • Medical conditions​

    • Medical labs

    • Family history

  • Review your dietary history

    • Special dietary restrictions (food allergies, vegetarian, low carb, for example)​

    • How often you dine out

    • How much water you drink per day

    • How many meals you eat per day

    • And more!

  • Review your lifestyle history

    • Your sleep patterns​

    • Cultural ideas about food

  • Who you are and insight into why you eat the way you do
  • Perform a nutrition-focused physical exam

    • During our discussions, I am trained to look at a variety of physical aspects to gain insight into nutrient intake (and sometimes nutrient deficiencies) such as skin color, hair texture, eye discolorations, lean mass​

    • Some times I may ask to examine and palpate parts of the body to check for signs of edema and to check body composition

Our Initial Visit lets me get a  good understanding of your needs and to get to know you. Building rapport is huge if I am going to help you meet your goals! 


  • 1 - 3 Goals may be identified in our first visit. 

  • I do not always give a meal plan. In fact, you may be surprised by how many Dietitians do not provide them- at least not at the first visit. 

  • It's up to the Dietitian to offer strategies but it's up to the Client to do the work! 

What Nutrition Counseling *Is Not*

  • Quick Weight Loss (< 4 weeks)

    • Fat Loss takes time, usually more than 4 weeks. Some times, it takes 6 weeks to even notice the beginning stages of changes in body composition

  • Done For You Meal Plans

    • Although Meal Plans are some times an option, there are many types of Meal Plans. While I do offer Personalized Meal Plans, they do not teach someone how to eat. It's the difference between fishing for someone and teaching someone how to fish. 

    • I do offer Personalized Meal Plans to those who need it, of course. This is something we discuss to see if it's the most appropriate choice for your lifestyle. After all, some times folks just need a break from meal planning to take a step back and see what healthy eating looks like. 

  • Everything Done in 1 or 2 Visits

    • It didn't take just a month or two to develop the habits that have potentially resulted in your current body composition or medical condition(s). 

    • A healthy body requires a health mindset and lifestyle changes- this takes time. IT IS A PROCESS. 

    • Although I cannot require a minimum number of visits when taking insurance, I request a minimum of 3 visits within 3 months to get the process going in the right direction.


"I have lost to date: 9 lbs of body fat and 23 lbs. and am now wearing a size 14 comfortably.

I have had some challenges in my eating habits but I have come to terms with

a healthy plan with some assistance and suggestions from my trainer and you.
My blood sugar is down no diabetes diagnosis now.
Thank you and we will talk in 6 months onward to 179 lbs to change my BMI working hard training smart. "

- Adrenna C.

"I worked with Julie through my employer sponsored program.  As someone who has had issues with portion control and figuring out what to eat, I really wasn't interested in doing one more program. I met with Julie and found she wasn't just going through the motions. She was knowledgeable, engaging, and funny. She listened to my concerns and was super positive with her feedback. The resources she provided were easy to incorporate into my lifestyle. For the first time in a long time, I'm doing what's best for me and my circumstances. My meals are more balanced and I'm less stressed about food. I've also made some dietary changes that have significantly changed the way I feel.  I would highly recommend Julie and wish more nutritional counselors had her positive attitude. She's great!"

- LaMonica V.

"Julie Wallace was a super helpful and friendly resource to help me manage my weight.

Not only did she calculate my calorie needs, she also provided a sample meal plan and provided additional information about how I could make better food choices.

Julie made herself available to answer questions, share guidance, and provide encouragement.  She helped me overcome obstacles and understand fitness and nutrition in a way that I hadn't quite grasped before, which ultimately led to me losing more than 30 pounds, which has boosted my energy and given me confidence to stay on track and improve other areas of my life as well.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is tired of the status quo and looking to make a positive change in their life."

-Vincent S.

Additional Services

*Not Covered by Insurance


Meal Plans

I provide these as part of a package as appropriate. To see the different meal plans currently available, click on the image above. 

Doctor adjusting balance on weighing sca

Metabolic Testing

Partnered with LeanRX to offer a discounted price on

  • Metabolic Testing

  • VO2 Max

Personal Training

Offering 1:1 and/or 1:2 personal training sessions at FitPro Station locationed in Sandy Springs, GA

Diet Plan

Advanced Nutrition Tracking

Have you heard of Avatar Nutrition? Well, it's like MyFitnessPal but with more advanced algorithms. As a partner with them, I can provide you guidance as I monitor your tracking -and- offer you a discount on their monthly fee. 

Weight Loss Essentials

Accountability Edge

A 2 month transformation program to build upon the foundation of our visits. This is not part of your visits and will require a fee outside of these visits. This is not covered by insurance.

  • Success Journal & Tracker  - or - Online Nutrition Tracker

  • Online Training App

  • Monthly Meal Plans

$ 180.00 *subject to change

Add Metabolic Testing to find out how many calories your body needs

Total: $300.00 *subject to change






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