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Customized Workouts on an App

Conveniently take your workouts with you wherever you go. These workouts are designed with *you* in mind. An affordable option to 1:1 personal training right in your pocket. 

Online Classes

General Strength Training Class TBD depending on interest. 

Social Distanced Personal Training

Limited hours available for personal training in Sandy Springs. $40 for 1 person, bring a friend and split the cost. 2 Day/week or 3 Day/week option. 2 Month Minimum. 

The appointment above is required prior to these to ensure we are a good fit. 

All Options are Available by Interest/Demand

If interested, please reach out. Let me know what times and days work best for you. Let me know if you have other people interested and we can talk discounts. 

Interested in personalized workouts you can do from a simple and convenient app?

Want to workout together (think zoom workouts where I can watch your form, cue your exercises, and cheer you on) through virtual class? 

Step 1: Purchase the non-refundable appointment (don't worry, use the icon at the bottom of this text for a free call if you want to discuss before purchase!). 

Step 2: I will email you once payment is received to schedule your appointment. 

  • Appointment times, including time slots for us to workout together (if not using only the app- that can be used anytime!) vary (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri with earliest appointments at 9:30 AM and last appointments at 4 PM depending on the day). 

So what's included in the appointment?

  • Interview to discuss your goals, your preferences, your barriers

  • Assessment of physical limitations or health issues that may impact your workouts

  • Discussion of exercise types, phases, and a review of your schedule

  • Physical assessments including, but not limited to, the Overhead Assessment Squat so you will need to wear comfortable, appropriate clothing and be able to move around on camera so your trainer can see you from head to toe. 

  • Time not included in the appointment also goes towards Julie, your trainer, assessing the information and to create a workout plan customized just for YOU. 

  • Want a friend to join you in a virtual workout? That's fine! Ask me about discounted rates and options during our appointment together. 

Keep in mind: every 4-8 weeks, to keep from plateauing, you may need a new program. A new appointment will need to be made each time you, if your trainer is in agreement, want/need to revise your program to help you reach your goals and get you the results you want.  

If you are receiving nutrition counseling with me, we will need to set up a separate appointment for a personalized physical activity program, as well, as nutrition is an insurance-based service and personal training is not covered by insurance. Can we talk about your activity progress during our nutrition talks? Absolutely! But, discussing specifics of training must be kept separate. 




Have questions? Set up a free call by clicking the phone icon or call me at 470-223-2314. 






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