Become the BEST version of YOU

Yes! I’m interested in reaching my Best Body over the 52-day Best Body Countdown! 

The nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle challenges of this 52-day Best Body Countdown are strategically designed to help you reach Your Best Body, regardless of your starting fitness level or weight. The interactive Success Journal will guide you step-by-step to Your Best Body over 52 days, providing you with daily strategies, resources, and accountability, so that you can feel and see results along the way.


The Best Body Cookbook & Menu Plan gives you menus and recipes to follow during the Countdown. The meal measure and infuser water bottle are tools to get you started from the very first day of the Countdown with proper portions of food and drink. You’ll have all the tools and accountability you need to be successful.

Not only will you wrap up the Best Body Countdown having reached Your Best Body, but you will have built the foundation to maintain the new you forever – without looking back!

The 52-day Countdowns run every January and September.

We look forward to having you on board for the Best Body Countdown, held each Fall and New Year when several groups join together across the nation to reach their Best Bodies (it begins the day after MLK Day and the week after Labor Day annually). During these 2 real-time rounds, you’ll get (from Sohailla and The Best Body Countdown Progam):

  • support and expert answers on our Best Body Club private Facebook group

  • the tools pictured above (there are various options) providing daily steps, plus a menu with recipes & grocery lists

  • daily emails from Sohailla to keep on track (and optional text reminders if you opt in for them), and

  • live “Don’t Quit Chats” where Sohailla, and other participants will support you…right to Your Best Body.

Working with Julie Wallace, you'll get all of the above and more!


Julie's portion, outside of the actual Best Body Countdown, to help you achieve your best results in combination with the program, includes the following options:

  • One-on-One Nutrition Counseling to help you better 'find your why',  understand how your relationship with food affects your goals, and so much more. These sessions are *covered by insurance and/or an Out of Pocket service ($180.00 per hour). *I accept a variety of insurance policies and my colleague, Ingrid Knight RD & Associates, verifies your coverage prior to your appointment. Appointments are all telehealth at this time.

  • Virtual workout classes that last 20-30 minutes (if Julie is ever unavailable or the classes are at times you cannot attend, expect access to recorded sessions).

  • Weekly Wednesday "Check In" online via the facebook group (I'll be a mentor) or by email that you provide.


    • Success Journal

    • Meal Measure

    • Best Body Club (private Facebook group support, daily email, and "Don't Quit Chats"​)

    • Best Body Cookbook & Menu Plan

    • and premium infuser water bottle.

    • 1:1 nutritional counseling (via telehealth) as agreed upon by Julie Wallace and you (a minimum of 3 visits is strongly recommended, initial, mid point check-in, and final). Insurance coverage verified prior to your appointment; if no coverage, an Out of Pocket fee is discussed. 

    • All of this for $450.00 for an 8 week program *Note: 1:1 visits are not included but may be covered by your insurance. 

  • 1:1 Appointments should be scheduled between now and September 11, 2020 for the FIRST / INITIAL Check In!

  • Plan for a weekly check in on Wednesdays via Facebook or Email that lasts just a few minutes or a few sentences. 

  • Virtual classes are on and a link to the class will be provided to you. These will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 AM EDT with recordings when appropriate. 

  • The Best Body Countdown is an Out of Pocket benefit that insurance does not pay for. Your 1:1 visits may be covered. I work with Ingrid Knight, RD & Associates who verifies those prior to your appointment. 






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