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Who I Am...

My name is Julie Wallace and I was born in southern Illinois near

St. Louis, MO. Nutrition has been an interest to me since a child- my

father and his father and his father grew their own food from their

gardens. Least to say, I also love gardening and grow some of my own

produce. My father had an interest in alternative/complementary

nutrition and doing things in a natural way. 

In high school, I took Science of Nutrition in place of Home Economics and this

was the start of my true interest beyond a hobby. Although I did take years off to work and try other routes in college, I ended up returning to my love of food and how it affects us inside and out. 

I attended Life University, transferring from my local state college, which, given their holistic history combined with an ASCEND accredited Bachelors of Science in Dietetics, I received an education well-balanced in both clinical and complementary nutrition. Upon completing my Bachelor's, which was 1 course away from a Pre-Med degree, I qualified for the Dietetic Internship that allowed me, with my undergrad field courses, approximately 12 months of field experience by shadowing other dietitians in various fields. 

My first job was inpatient, clinical and I was trained as PRN to cover essentially all units. I have spent years helping those in critical situations such as those in comas who needed tube feeds to cancer patients to those who were newly diagnosed with diabetes and required limb amputation. I then moved on to becoming Board Certified in Pediatrics and worked on one of the top transplant teams in the U.S. (Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Heart and Liver). That job was outpatient and allowed me to form relationships and more rapport. 

When I became pregnant with  my twins, I chose to leave the clinical world and work for myself. Now, I have the privilege of helping people reach their goals. I have worked with neighbors to celebrities (I cannot say who due to HIPAA). I can truly say that I enjoy what I do. Helping people find joy in food, facilitating behaviors that help them reach their goals or change their mindsets is what drives me to keep working. I genuinely care about my clients; they may not know that but I always hope they do. 

I see every client and accept every client as they are. Some of my clients want to lose weight and some want to eat healthier; some never count a single calorie and some do. I have clients that appreciate meal plans and some that benefit more from meal planning sessions. No single strategy makes sense for every person. It's both a challenge and a pleasure to help someone figure out what works for them and why. 

Recently, I have added personal training to my education. As a CPT (Certified Personal Trainer), I can help round out someone's goals through nutrition -and- activity. And I tell you what! Personal Training isn't just reps and sets- personalizing a program for someone is just as important as finding the appropriate nutrition strategy because everyone's bodies are different and so are their mindsets, goals, and lifestyles. 

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